Changing Behavior

The Reality Formula for Kids teaches a kid that they can choose to believe or not believe their thoughts. They can step back from their thoughts and change the way they feel and get better results in life too. When a child changes the way they see a situation, they feel and respond differently. 



Happy Kid Toolkit™

 Learn to teach kids to react to
life experience in ways that promote self-responsibility, self-respect and healthy self-esteem. 

Happy Kid Toolkit helps resolve sibling rivalry.

Timbo and Mikey are quick to point out that they are on the “happy kid triangle” and do not engage in the drama. What a change this is for us!
 — Megan and Tim Monahan

Happy Kid Toolkitin the classroom.

Our own children inspired us to bring the Reality Formula for Kids© into the school classrooms . . . the effect was so powerful that their teachers began to notice and to ask for more information.